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Register for the summer program here! Below is an outline of this year's available sessions

In partnership with Training HAUS, Raptor Speed and Strength is designed to take every athlete to the next level!

RSS is a comprehensive training program led by Coach Colvard, a 10-year veteran of the field with experience at two Division 1 universities and who has worked with athletes ranging from youth to professionals. Utilizing elite training methodologies, athletes will train in the weight room to increase strength, power, and physical resiliency, and on the turf to improve speed, agility, and conditioning.

In addition, a Registered Sports Dietitian will be on site twice over the summer to discuss sports nutrition topics and answer questions the athletes may have!

Camp will not meet June 19 or July 1-5. Participants will receive a t-shirt. On the first day, please report to the location specified on your registration. Athletic clothes and appropriate footwear are required (cleats are recommended for turf days but not required); personal water bottles are highly recommended.