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Clubs & Activities

Want to start a new club?

If you are interested in starting a new club, please complete the Google Form below to submit your request. All clubs will need to have a staff advisor before clubs can be approved. 

Aeronautics Club

Purpose: To learn more about flying and naval devices, to expand one's knowledge of how planes fly and their limits. Students should join this club to familiarize themselves with practical aeronautics,  meet fellow hobbyists and learn more about planes.

Meeting Times: Drone flying after school during the warmer months (Sept-Oct, Apr-Jun). Educational/informational meetings every two weeks. 

Staff Advisor: Ms. Haley


Art Club

Purpose: Art Club is a space where students can come work on art projects and create art with their peers.

Meeting Times: Thursdays 3:15-4:30pm in room 1040

Staff Advisor: Ms. Champoux


Asian American Student Union

Purpose: This club’s purpose is to allow students to express freely and proudly about being Asian American, gain a better understanding of Asian culture and language and teach Asian culture to our school community.

Meeting Times: Thursdays from 3:15-4:30pm in the Inclusion Center room.

Staff Advisor: Mr. Noyes and Ms. Yang

Contact: or

Astronomy Club

Purpose: To explore and learn about space and the universe. Student's should join this club if they are intrigued by the universe and want to learn about space. We will talk about astronomy and other intriguing science topics. Possible after school events include stargazing, visiting planetariums and other astronomy related activities. 

CLICK HERE to sign  up! 

When and where do we meet?:  Thursday Mornings at 7:45am in the Orchestra Room. 

Staff Advisor: Ms. DeMorett


Automotive Technology/Racing Club

Purpose: To learn about cars and to learn how to work on your own car and prep it for racing. This club is for anyone interested in cars and racing and looking to explore the field of automotive technology. 

When and where do we meet?:  Mondays and Fridays in Room 1035

Staff Advisor: Mr. Hayes


AVID Connections Club (AC)

Purpose: The purpose of this club will be to have AVID mentors (juniors and seniors) and AVID mentees (freshman and sophomores) come together to bond and connect. AVID mentees will be able to ask AVID mentors any questions they have about high school. Mentees will also be able to ask mentors about college, work, homework, friendships, relationships with people, and strategies to help in high school. This will help guide them to make the most of their high school experience. Mentors will facilitate study strategies, study habits, organization, goal setting and growth mindset. This mentorship will help them feel comfortable and confident during their high school experience. This club will be able to prepare them for what is next in their education as well as build a community within the AVID elective class. AVID student who join this club will have a great opportunity to build community and connect with their peers. Mentees can bring questions or concerns they have about high school and their future plans, and mentors will support them in a safe and judgement free environment.

When and where do we meet?:  2-3 times per month during Raptor Time in Ms. Noha's room (2045A). Mentors will meet once a month to plan activities for mentees. Mentors and Mentees will meet one to two times per month depending on Raptor Time. 

Staff Advisor:  Ms. Noha and Ms. Plante

Contact: or

Better Tomorrow Club

Purpose: This is a volunteer club that will be targeting homelessness specifically through volunteer opportunities and fundraising events to help donate products to homeless shelters across MN. 

When and where do we meet?:  Twice a month on Thursday mornings. 

Staff Advisor: McKelvey


Bowling Team

Purpose: To promote school spirit, teamwork, camaraderie and sporting opportunities to individuals at all abilities and grade levels while providing the best possible environment for our players to reach their maximum playing potential through excellence in coaching and support.

Staff Advisor: Kelli Mickelson


Brain Bee

Purpose: To prepare for the international Brain Bee competition each year, as well as to generally educate ourselves on the brain.

Meeting Times: Every Monday after school at 3:15pm.

Staff Advisor: Ms. Keiser


Business Professionals of America

Purpose: Our mission at Business Professionals of America is to develop and empower student leaders to discover their passion and change the world by creating unmatched opportunities in learning, professional growth, and service.

Meeting Times: Fridays at 8:00am.

Staff Advisor: Mrs. O'Driscoll


Chamber Choir

Purpose: The purpose of Chamber Singers is to give advanced singers an additional outlet for performing the highest quality vocal music, in a smaller ensemble setting than the larger, curricular classes. Chamber Singers is open by audition only, auditions for each year happen in the fall, and membership is for the entire school year.

Staff Advisor: Ms. Gullick


Chamber of Orchestra


Staff Advisor: Ms. DeMorett


Chamber of Theater


Staff Advisor:  Ms. Carlson


CLICK HERE to visit the Theatre website .

Chess Club

Purpose: Our goal is to get better at and play Chess with peers while having fun. Everyone is welcome!

Meeting Times: We meet every Thursday (with exceptions for holidays) after school in room 2032.

Ms. Rekstad (Advisor)


We look forward to seeing you there!

Children of the World

Purpose: Our mission at Children of the World is to help children all around the world through Save the Children. Save the Children helps kids with problems such as education, children's right, health and nutrition, and safety. Save the Children benefits children in over 120 countries, and with Children of the World, we can help by raising money and showing how  impactful our community is to the world. 

Meeting Times: First Thursday of every month after school in Mr. Bidwell's room, 1014.

Staff Advisor: Mr. Bidwell



Purpose: To close the academic gap between minorities and others through hosting study sessions.

Meeting Times: Tuesdays after school, Thursdays during WIN time block B in Room 2019

Staff Advisor: Ms. Bird



Purpose: The mission of Project Olas is to provide an income-generating opportunity for women from vulnerable Central American communities by offering Spanish language lessons and opportunities for cultural exchange via WhatsApp. The vision of both Project Olas and Club Olas, a national network of high school and college students passionate about language learning and global social impact, is a world where every mom has access to safe and sustainable work and where language learning creates relationships and lasting change. Club Olas chapters across the US build tight-knit communities while raising awareness of the social, political, and economic realities of Olas moms and their communities. At ERHS Club Olas, we organize events that provide students with the opportunity to make a global impact and be a part of a community that actively makes a difference on an international level. Club Olas is a great opportunity for students who are interested in topics such as the Spanish language, Latin American politics, women’s rights, and education.

The Club Olas National Network hosts events and fundraisers to further the mission of the Olas family. From trivia nights to raffle fundraisers, we aim to create connections within and between our chapters. Individual club chapters strengthen this connection in their own communities through launching similar initiatives.


Meeting Times: TBD

Staff Advisor: Julie Rekstad



Purpose: The winter guard is an extension of the East Ridge marching band program. During the winter season, members build skills in movement, dance, and use of equipment. The skills translate directly to fall field show and summer parade activities. The winter Colorguard competes in a division North Star Circuit called “Flagline Class.” This is the part of the activity that focuses on movement, expression, and the use of one single piece of equipment – FLAG.

Staff Advisor: Ms. Burianek


Computer Science Club

Purpose: Our mission is to inspire interest in programming throughout the community by providing real-world coding experience to students. Check out our website -

Meeting Times: Tuesdays 3:15-4:15pm, Room 1047 (Mr. Ware's room)

Staff Advisor: Mr. Ware


Creative Writing Club

Purpose: The Creative Writing club provides a judgement-free space to create and share creative works, collaborate with fellow writers, and strengthen writing skills.

Staff Advisor: Ms. Schrank 


Crochet Club

Purpose: To teach crocheting and provide a community for peers.

Meeting Times: Tuesdays after school.

Staff Advisor: Ms. Hamernick


Debate Team

Purpose: Students on the Debate Team compete to hone their research and rhetorical skills.  East Ridge offers three different types of competitive debate for students who want to compete with a partner or solo.  Students learn to consider divisive issues from both sides, and how to research and effectively argue different positions on an issue. 

Debate is an MSHSL mandated activity. The East Ridge Debate Team encourages students to try out if they are willing to work hard and want to learn to research and understand important issues from multiple points of view.

Meeting Times: Practices are Monday and Wednesday afternoons; Tournaments are every Saturday, running September-December.  All practices and tournaments are virtual this year.

Staff Advisor: Ms. Scholz


Diversity Club

Purpose: We are a club that tries to make East Ridge a welcoming and inclusive place while celebrating everyone's unique differences! We will ensure safe, inclusive environments and encourage diverse perspectives through engagement, innovation and creativity. We strive to strengthen relationships and create unity in the ERHS community. 

Meeting Times: TBA - Will begin virtually, one meeting per hexmester at 3:30pm. When in person, will be in room 2019.

Staff Advisor: Ms. Bird and Mr. Shropshire


Dungeons and Dragons Club

Purpose:  To meet up for games of Dungeons and Dragons. This club is a great club to interact with a unique type of creative writing, and to meet up and play with your friends. 

Meeting Times: Fridays from 3:15-5:15pm in room 1031.

Staff Advisor: Mrs. Carle


East Ridge Student Ambassadors

Purpose: Represent East Ridge by being a leader within the school by connecting and mentoring 9th grade and all new students to East Ridge High School. We do this through helping with 9th grade orientation, leading students and their families on tours of the school, answering questions, helping with the transition, planning social events, volunteering and facilitating a positive connection between the student and school community.

You must apply to be in this club. The application process is advertised via Schoology and the announcements in the spring, typically in April. 

Meeting Times: The second Tuesday of each month at 7:45am via WebEx.

Staff Advisor: Ms. Strand


ERROR's Society of Women Engineers Club

Purpose: Operating through the East Ridge Robotics Team, the ERRORs, we hope to increase gender diversity in STEM by connecting girls in our school to SWE and FIRST networks and resources. Our members will volunteer, organize and lead various STEM-related outreach events and further their STEM leadership skills and experience.

Meeting Times: Every Wednesday from 3:30-4:30pm in room 1047 (PLTW Halls)

Staff Advisor: Ms. Harberts


eSports/Gamer Club

Purpose: To provide a space for the school's gamers to socialize, game, compete and interact with one another in a welcoming environment. 

Meeting Times: Tuesdays after school in 2036 from 3:10-4:30

Staff Advisor: Mr. Borseth 


Fall Musical


Staff Advisor: Ms. Carlson


Fantasy Football Club

Purpose: To provide students an opportunity to connect on critical roster decisions. To celebrate remarkable FFL accomplishments. To counsel team owners when losses mount. 

Meeting Times: Virtually every Wednesday at 2:45pm.

Staff Advisor: Mr. Gonnion



Purpose: Builds skills for life, promotes personal growth and leadership development through family and consumer science education.

Meeting Times: First and second Monday of the month.

Staff Advisor: Ms. Taylor


Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Purpose: Have students with the same passionate outlooks on life.

Staff Advisor: Mr. Karasek



Purpose: To help people in need within our community of food and other amenities by organizing fundraisers to donate to local food shelves and charities. 

Meeting Times: Every other Tuesday after school in Mr. Howard's room (Upper Gold Pod)

Staff Advisor: Mr. Howard


French Club

Purpose: We are a club that celebrates the French language and the cultures of French speaking countries through fun, food, film, holiday celebrations and other related activities. 

Meeting Times: TBA - Will begin virtually, one meeting per hexmester at 3:30pm. When in person, will be in room 2019.

Staff Advisor: Ms. Bird


Gaming Club

Purpose: To provide a space for students into video games to hang out, get to know each other, and have fun.

Meeting Times: Every Tuesday after school from 3:10pm- 4:30pm in room 2042

Staff Advisor: Ms. Westfield


Gender and Sexuality Alliance Club

Purpose:  Provide a support community for LGBTQIA students and their friends and allies.

Staff Advisor: Mrs. Berry


German Club

Purpose: To celebrate the language and culture of the German-speaking countries.

Staff Advisor: Julie Young


HOSA (Future Health Professionals)

Purpose: HOSA is for students who are wanting to become future health professionals. HOSA promotes careers in the healthcare industry and encourages students to become leaders through education and experience. Students will learn more about the medical field while having the opportunity to talk with medical professionals. Students who wish to be more involved can participate in a National Club (HOSA) and learn in-depth about a specific medical topic and compete at a state and national level.

Staff Advisor: Ms. Keiser


CLICK HERE to visit the ERHS HOSA Page!

Investment Club

Purpose: To learn the power of investing, as well as investment strategies in a fun and interactive way, and a way for students to find others with similar interests.

Meeting Times: Every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month in Ms. O'Driscoll's room; 2039.

Staff Advisor: Ms. O'Driscoll

Contact: Will Green -;

K POP Dance Cover Club

Purpose: Entertainment and Exercise 

Meeting Times: Mondays, Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays in the lower green pod or room 1033.

Staff Advisor: Ms. Herrera


Key Club

Purpose: A student-led organization whose goal is to encourage leadership through serving others.

Meeting Times: General Meetings will be VIRTUAL during the 1st and 3rd weeks (sent out on Tuesdays), and students will be meeting “asynchronously,”  meaning on your own time. 
*Board members meet virtually on second and fourth TUESDAY @2:45pm.

Staff Advisor: Mr. Karasek


Latin American Student Union

Purpose: To provide a safe and inclusive space for people of Hispanic heritage and to have a voice in our community. Students should join if they are looking to help build a community that can connect on a cultural level, and also to have an opportunity to make new friends and help the community overall. 

Meeting Times: Every other Wednesday after school

Staff Advisor: Ms. Salinas and Ms. Horton


Link Crew

Purpose: Link Crew is a high school transition program that welcomes freshmen and makes them feel comfortable throughout the first year of their high school experience. Built on the belief that students can help students succeed, Link Crew is a proven high school transition program that trains mentors from the junior and senior classes to be Link Crew Leaders. As positive role models, Link Crew Leaders are mentors and student leaders who guide the freshmen to discover what it takes to be successful during the transition to high school and help facilitate freshman success.

Staff Advisor: Ms. Hostager



Purpose: To involve the East Ridge and the greater community in all aspects of theatre arts. LoftPAC stands for Loft Stage Performing Arts Community. 

Staff Advisor: Ms. Carlson


Math Team

Purpose: This is a state competitive team activity for the MSHSL.

Meeting Times: Mondays at 3:30-4:15pm, October through March

Staff Advisor: Lisa Flynn and Emily Larsen

Contact: or

Marching Band, Pep, Jass Ensemble


Staff Advisor: Mr. Comeau


Meditation Club

Purpose: To introduce the art of meditation and spirituality to spur awareness in an environment that needs it. Students should join this club if they are looking to try something new, into spirituality, want to increase their self-esteem, and want to destress and calm down. 

Meeting Times: Every Wednesday Morning in room 1032 (Ms. Carbone's room)

Staff Advisor: Ms. Carbone


Mock Trial

Purpose: The purpose of the club is that we have a case you do so students who want to know about the law or maybe be Attorneys. We go to the Ramsey County Courthouse on Tuesday nights in January and compete against other schools and go through cases in which students can be on the Prosecution or the Defense. These cases are based on real cases and we are judged how we present our case.

Staff Advisor: Mr. Smith


Model UN

Purpose: Our aim is to educate ERHS students about foreign policy and build critical thinking skills. Model UN helps improve public speaking while also expanding your knowledge on a much broader level than what is usually taught in school. Students will learn how to write position papers and resolution papers for large global issues that the United Nations discuss. 

Sign-Up Form:

Meeting Times: 1-2 times a week in lower green Ms. Carle's room (1031). Generally Tuesdays or Fridays after school. 

Staff Advisor: Ms. Carle (

Student Contact: and

MSAC (Muslim Student Association)

Purpose: To gain knowledge of Islam and so Muslim students at ER can stay united. This club will help advise Muslim students to know the location and times of prayer. 

Meeting Times: After school in room 2035 (Upper Green)

Staff Advisor: Ms. Thompson


National Art Honor Society

Purpose: The purpose of NAHS is to assist student members to attain their highest potential in all forms of art, and to raise awareness of art education throughout the school and community.

Meeting Times:  Tuesdays after school from 3:15-4:15pm in room 1039.

To Apply: Online applications are open at the beginning of each school year and members are selected in mid-September for the current academic year.

CLICK HERE to apply!

Staff Advisor: Ms. Frisco


Follow @eastridgeNAHS on Instagram to see what we do! 

For more information, visit our NAHS website.

National Honor Society


Staff Advisor: Ms. Hamernick



Purpose: We publish the content for our school newspaper, the Ridge Review, at

Staff Advisor: Mr. Hayes


Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (NPH)


Staff Advisor: Ms. Salinas


One Act Play

Purpose: As a part of the MSHSL One Act competition, students rehearse, build and preform for a play in one 35 minute act. In this process, students will grow in their communication skills, acting skills, and collaboration skills.

Staff Advisor: Ms. Jensen


Philosophy Club

Purpose: The club tries to tackle broad topics and questions so that we can understand more about the world around us.

Staff Advisor: Mr. Kenley


Ping Pong Club

Purpose: A fun club for students to participate in that enjoying playing ping pong. The club meets on Tuesdays in the upper green pod. Student leaders are Alan Wei and Josh Soo

Advisor: Chad Borseth


Pit Orchestra


Staff Advisor: Mr. Comeau


Project Pathway

Purpose: To make sure every student leaves high school feeling confident about their post-secondary education. We will help students discover their passions and interests, connect students to professionals, support students as they create an action plan for post-secondary education and provide them with opportunities for advancement. 

Meeting Times: 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month in room 1008

Staff Advisor: Ms. Young


Raptor Report

Purpose: To record highlights of ERHS, edit and share with staff and students on our YouTube Channel during Raptor Time.

Meeting Times: Mondays 1:30-2:30pm

Staff Advisor: Ms. McCrady


Real Estate Investment Club

Purpose: To learn about real estate. Topics discussed will range from economics, types of real estate, how to invest in real estate and the mortgage business. This club will teach members about the intricacies of investing, permits needed and how to get them, and will look at properties for sale in our community and look at the potential for investments.  

Students should join this club if they are interested in real estate. Becoming a realtor is a great and accessible career choice after graduation. 

Meeting Times: Monday 2/28, then Thursdays  from 3:15-4:00pm in room 2011 (Upper Blue)

Staff Advisor: Mr. Ramey


Robotics Error 3130

Purpose: Team 3130, The ERROR’s mission is to teach students to learn new management and mechanical skills, leadership from working together, and create a positive atmosphere as we succeed as an elite team in and out of competition.

Staff Advisor: Kerry Wenthin and Zach Wirta



Purpose: To introduce High School boys to the sport of rugby, to foster teamwork, sportsmanship, competition, and build leadership through that sport, and to encourage a physically active lifestyle. 

Staff Advisor: Terry Miller



Purpose: Students Against Destructive Decisions. Teaching students to make good decisions about their personal health and safety. 

Meeting Times: The club will meet the second Thursday of each month (and sometimes the fourth Thursday of the month, if necessary) after school in Room 2032 in the Upper Green pod.

Staff Advisor: Ms. Rekstad


Science Olympiad

Purpose: This is a national, competitive team activity that emphasizes learning, participation, interaction, having fun and team spirit in Science. CLICK HERE for an introduction to Science Olympiad!

Meeting Times: Tuesdays after school in Room 1047 or virtually.

Staff Advisor: Ms. Kotz


Spanish Club

Purpose:  To have fun and make connections  with other students while learning about the Hispanic culture. You can use Spanish in conversations, when playing games, making crafts or learning dances, but you do not need to know any Spanish to be able to attend. Everyone is welcome!

Meeting Times: Spanish club will meet the first Thursday of each month after school in Room 2032 in the upper green pod. 

Staff Advisor: Ms. Rekstad


Speech Team

Purpose: Speech is an academic activity that will help students’ performance in the classroom by improving researching, writing, and speaking abilities. 

Staff Advisor: Ms. Carlson


CLICK HERE to visit the East Ridge Speech website.

Spring Play


Staff Advisor: Ms. Carlson


Stock Market Club

Purpose: The purpose is to learn about investing and have students engage with the stock market at a young age to better understand the market and have a fun time.  Students should join this club to learn bout the ins and outs of the stock market, as well as advanced techniques in investing. 

Meeting Times: Thursdays after school from 3:15-4:30pm in Mr. Ramey's Room (Upper Blue 2011)

Staff Advisor: Mr. Ramey


Student Council

Purpose: The purpose of the student council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects.

Staff Advisor: Ms. Herrera 


Student Council website click here


Purpose: As a SuperFan, your first goal is to positively influence our student body and provide a positive experience at school events. To be a positive influence, you must offer and contribute all of your talents to the team. Some can offer more on the team than others. None of us can do everything, but we are all valuable to the team. As a SuperFan, you will be held to a high standard. Your effort, behavior and dedication can never become an issue if you are going to lead the program.

We will be looking for the following characteristics from you:

  1. Commitment to the team: If you are going to be part of the SuperFans, your commitment level must be greater than those who will be asked to follow.
  2. Integrity: You must show integrity in yourself, your program, your school and the community. Integrity and quality go hand in hand.
  3. Lead with Class: You will be expected to abide by our sportsmanship rules and hold those around you accountable as well. Be GOLDEN!

Staff Advisor: Mrs. Woehrmann


The Onion ERHS

Purpose: To report on ERHS news and student life through satire. 

Meeting Times: Once every two weeks. Contact for details. 

Staff Advisor: Mr. Kenley


Trap Shooting

Purpose: Our priorities are safety, fun and marksmenship. Providing all East Ridge students the opportunity to learn and improve their skills on the range. Open to all boys and girls of all skill levels in grades 8-12. 

Meeting Times: Two seasons - Mid Sept through late Oct, and mid March through mid June. Dates are set by the Minnesota State Clay Target League. 

Staff Advisor: Mr. Radecki


Tri-M Music Honor Society


Staff Advisor: Mr. Comeau


Triance Club

Purpose:  Our main motives are to spread awareness on the marginalized community and overall we believe this is not just a club but a community where students can feel welcome and safe. We believe planning for the future can seem intimidating so we also work on future planning with help of guest speakers. Last but not least this club focuses on volunteering to help low-income and disabled student foundations to make a difference!


When and where do we meet?:  Room 1034 on Thursdays or Fridays from 3:20 pm-4:20 pm 

Staff Advisor: Jonathan Noyes


Ultimate Frisbee


Staff Advisor: 



Purpose: To advocate and fundraise for less fortunate children through UNICEF.

Meeting Times: Before school 7:50-8:20am in Ms. Newton's room (1035).

Staff Advisor: Ms. Newton


Unified Club


Staff Advisor: Ms. Hansen


Voices of Empowerment

Purpose: To raise awareness, help others, create a safe space for students and discuss current events.

Meeting Times: Wednesdays in room 1032

Staff Advisor: Mrs. Carbone


Volleyball Club

Purpose: A place to connect, engage and develop relationships with new friends and enjoy some clean competitive fun through the game of volleyball. It will be a safe place where the goal is to have fun and enjoy a game amongst peers.

Meeting Times: First and third Fridays of the month 3:30-5:00pm at Peter Thompson Park. This will continue until weather impact's the ability to play outside. Spring location TBD.

Staff Advisor: Mr. Ayala (ERHS Cultural Liaison)


Walking Club

Purpose: To make new friends, to get some exercise by walking around campus (weather permitting) or inside on the track, and to engage in "walk and talks" where you can study, discuss current events, or get to know someone better. You choose the kind of walk that works for you!

Meeting Times: Fridays before school at 7:50am in room 2032 in the upper green pod. Walking place will be determined that morning.

Staff Advisor: Ms. Rekstad


We Women Belong (WWB)

Purpose:  A club that is all-inclusive for those who identify as women to talk about topics that they would only feel safe talking about among other women. Topics can include mental cycle talks/tips, feeling unsafe in certain environments and how that can be helped, and/or women's rights in the school environment and how you feel as a female student.  This club should empower young women in the building to build each other up and come together to make it a better place for future female students.

Meeting Times: 5/11 and 5/25 before school from 7:30-8:15am in Ms. Newton's room (1035).

Staff Advisor: Ms. Newton


Winter Drumline


Staff Advisor: Mr. Comeau



Purpose: The Yearbook staff works to create the annual East Ridge High School yearbook, a record of the events and people who have left their legacy at the school each year.

Meeting Times: Virtually on Wednesdays at 3pm. (CLICK HERE to enter the virtual meeting room.)

Staff Advisor: Mr. Nagahashi


Young Democrats

Purpose: Our mission at Eastridge Young Democrats is to empower the future generation of democratic leaders starting with the political knowledge and values of our youth. In this club, we regularly invite students to discuss politics and current events with peers and our legislators, organize events such as legislator town halls and Q and A's, and raise awareness on political issues that affect today's youth.

Student Leadership: Anuraa Venkat and Rishi Raichur

Contact: and


You are Not Alone (YANA)

Purpose: Our group is sponsored by the Suicide Prevention Collaborative. SPC is a community group working to prevent teen suicide. YANA works for this mission and to engage in the conversation regarding mental health.

Staff Advisor: Ms. Kimpton

Meeting Times: TBD


CLICK HERE to view the YANA page!